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Donation requests continue to come in.  

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About Our Giving Circle

Established in June 2019, SHARE is a group of compassionate volunteers. Our work is dedicated to collecting and delivering needed items to improve the lives of individuals and families in and around Chester County. Get in touch to learn how you can share with others to make a difference.

** Please note that we are in no way affiliated with the Share Food Program, which is a nonprofit organization serving a regional network of community organizations engaged in food distribution, education, and advocacy. 

2022 SHARE Activities


Christmas Collection -- 

SHARE is collecting items for Mom's House until November 20, 2022.

SHARE's Christmas Project will be gift bags for the single moms that use

Mom’s House in Phoenixville.  


In order to fill the gift bags, SHARE is requesting the following items:

  • gift cards (any amount) from any of the following: Wawa; Sephora;  Ulta; Bath & Body Works;  Target; grocery stores (Acme, Giant, etc.)

  • candles 

  • gloves, hats, or scarves 

  • small throws 

  • hair or nail items

  • wrapped candy or bought cookies

About Mom's House

 Mom’s House provides a unique family support system including free state-licensed childcare for low-income single parents who are attending school full time. Mom’s House provides safe and secure childcare from 3 months to age 5.  Staff feed the children nutritious meals, provide clothing, diapers and other essentials, and prepare toddlers for pre-school. Mom’s House does not receive any federal or state funding; they rely on support from foundations, charitable organizations, churches, civic groups and people like YOU!

To learn more, click here to  by visit their website: 

How to Give to Mom's House

Donations can be dropped off for delivery by SHARE:

@ Maryellen's -- 1104 Raintree Lane, Malvern

@ ReMax in Frazer -- 409 Lancaster Ave., Malvern

Donations can be purchased on Amazon and delivered directly to Mom's House:


Text MOMSHOUSE to 44-321


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Thank You to all of our Supporters for packing The Pourhouse!

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January 2021

  • Coats for CYWA

  • Food for Table Ministry

  • Snacks and winter gear for St. Agnes

June 2021

Crafts and toys for St. Rocco's Summer Camp

March 2021

Collected and delivered Easter candy, fruit and vegetables for St. Agnes Day Room

August 2021

School supplies for People’s Pantry in Frazer, St. Agnes in West Chester, and St. Patrick’s in Norristown

April 2021

Food drive for St. Francis de Sales school

Sept. - Dec. 2021

  • Slippers, undershirts, specified clothing, Dollar Tree gift cards, and other items in Christmas gift bags for 52 residents of King Terrace.

  • Pajamas for CYWA

  • "Wish list" items for teenagers at St. Agnes

  • Christmas candy to Camilla Hall

Our Founder



Maryellen is a long time resident of Chester County. She is a retired Malvern elementary school teacher and adjunct professor at Cabrini College. Maryellen started this giving circle in order to maximize generosity and kindness in the community.

How is SHARE different than other groups?

Frequently Asked Questions

How is SHARE different than other groups?

We are volunteers who share a passion for giving to children, homeless individuals, and needy families. Our members collect items and give those items to the needy in and around Chester County.  Unlike similar groups, we are not an IRS recognized nonprofit organization that relies on grants and monetary backing from third parties.  Our volunteers provide any funding we need.

Can SHARE provide a receipt so that I can claim a charitable donation for tax purposes?

No, unfortunately items donated to SHARE are not tax deductible.  SHARE is an all-volunteer run giving circle, not a 501(c)(3) or any other type of IRS-recognized nonprofit organization.  We do not have a Board of Director or employees.  Our members bear the cost of all expenses.  If you wish to obtain a tax deduction receipt, please provide your donated items directly to their destination instead of giving them to SHARE.

I collected items, but I cannot make it to the monthly drop off. How can I get the items to SHARE?

  • If locations listed below are closed due to COVID, please call Maryellen at 610.304.3625 or contact us via email at

You can drop items anytime at the locations listed below. Just look for the SHARE donation box

  • ReMax Fine Homes, 409 Lancaster Ave.

How did you choose these specific projects?

Our project come to SHARE from Malvern residents/SHARE members.  For example, Maryellen, our founder, has worked with Father Rossi and the Bethesda Project for several years.  Many of our volunteers are teachers and one of our colleagues (and SHARE member) made us aware of the need for after school snacks at the school for children with special needs in Coatesville. A SHARE volunteer told us about the extensive need at St. Rocco's Mission in Avondale. One of our most dedicated volunteers personally experienced the benefit of the Gift of Life Family House.  Our holiday giving continues the work previously conducted by a now defunct Malvern outreach program.

If I make a donation, can I decide where it goes?

Right now we are only distributing the items we collect to specific organizations, as described above. 

Please send your ideas to us via email at

How can I suggest another location or organization for SHARE donations?

Since we are a group of volunteers, we are focusing on one or two projects at a time. We will consider additional options for 2022 if we can handle more activity.  Please send your ideas to us via email at

Are there more ways I can get involved other than providing needed items to SHARE?

Absolutely!  Please email us at and let us know if you would like to collect donations with us and/or deliver them to recipients.


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